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You can claim compensation if your are injured in a slip, trip or fall

Personal Injury

Many people consider accidents arising from slips and trips to be trivial but, in reality, a significant percentage involve serious injuries and therefore serious consequences for the victims. Broadway Solicitors has a specialist team of personal injury solicitors who deal with all types of compensation claims.

The owners or occupiers of public or commercial premises have a duty to ensure that you are safe whilst you are on their premises. If they have failed in that duty and as a result an accident has occurred, we should be able to compile a strong case for your slip or trip claim.

We have been dealing with slip and trip claims for many years and our teams include many of the country’s finest lawyers. Our teams are highly specialised in fighting endlessly to achieve you the best result for your slip or trip claim

A personal injury can be:

  • A physical injury, disease or illness
  • A psychological injury or illness

Examples of personal injuries are:

  • An injury at work. This includes work-related illnesses such as a disease caused by working with asbestos
  • A psychological illness caused by stress at work
  • An injury caused in a traffic accident
  • An injury received as a result of faulty goods or services
  • An injury caused if you trip over paving stones
  • A psychological illness
  • An injury caused by errors in hospital treatment or by vaccinations
  • A physical or psychological injury sustained by a victim in the course of a crime
  • A psychological illness caused by discrimination or harassment in your work-place

We can help with your compensation claim

Personal Injury Claim

Broadway Solictors' reputation for high standards of customer service underpins every aspect of our approach to personal injury matters. Our clients can expect an experienced, specialist solicitor dealing with their claim who will carry out work in an expeditious manner adopting the highest management standards.

It is important to have the right advice when making a claim following a slip or trip that you believe to be the fault of another party, so if you have had an accident at work, speak to Broadway Solicitors today. We will advise you through the claims process. Contact a member of our Personal Injury Team today.

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