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Are you secretly paying commission on your loan?


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Recovering that is owed to you

Whether customer or tenant debt, Broadway can help

In March 2015, the Court of Appeal gave a Judgment that has huge implications for customers who have entered into a loan agreement, introduced by a credit broker If you have taken out a secured loan from a broker you may not have realised the secret commission paid by the Lender to the Broker for the sale of the loan to you which was then added to your loan amount Broadway Solicitors can recover commission that was not disclosed to you as the borrower. In other words where a broker was paid a commission by the lender, both the lender and/or broker must account to the borrower for this profit. Broadway Solicitors can investigate and assess your claim to establish whether a secret commission has been paid and prepare your claim to ensure this secret profit is paid back to you.

We can investigate secret commission claims on the following:

  • Secured Loans
  • Insurance sales via a broker
  • Mortgages entered into prior to October 2004
  • Buy to let mortgages
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Credit Cards

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