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Repossession of your home or premises?

Supporting you through the process of Repossession

Home Repossession

Oldham has the highest rates of repossession rates in the North West. So you are not alone. If you're having your home repossessed you may need legal advice. We can also advise on the process of repossession for other premises such as your place of Business.

Our repossession specialists realise that the threat of home repossession can be one of the most stressful and distressing times.

It is important to seek expert repossession advice at the earliest possible opportunity so if you are a homeowner in mortgage arrears, struggling to make mortgage payments or have any other debts secured on your home do not hesitate to contact us.

We specialise in;

  • Mortgage payment arrears
  • Mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)
  • Mis-sold loans and insurance
  • Court papers for repossession cases
  • Credit ratings
  • Changes in financial situation
Repossession Notice

What is the process?

Repossession is a legal process which enables a lender to take possession of property due to unpaid debts once a Court order has been issued. In a bid to avoid the prospect of repossession you should attempt to keep three months worth of salary in a savings account. At any point, if you find you are struggling to make payments make sure that you contact your lender at the earliest opportunity.

If you do fall behind on loan repayments you must again contact your lender straight away, ignoring the problem will not make it go away, and steps such as remortgaging your home and debt consolidation could be an option. Repossession should be the last resort.

If you are taken to Court or receive Court papers you should contact our Specialist Repossession Solicitors at the earliest opportunity as it maybe possible to save your home. During a Court hearing a Judge will assess the prospects of you repaying your mortgage and will also want to see you paying a regular monthly amount from your arrears.

There is possibility that repossession can be stopped any time before your home is sold by a lender. If your financial situation improves let your lender know straight away.

Contact our Repossession Team for expert advice.

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