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Employment Law Specialists

As leading Employment Law specialists, our team at Broadway Solicitors provide all the advice and services required for workplace disputes between an Employer and Employee.

If you have an employment issue, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. We can visit you at your workplace or arrange meetings at a neutral venue.

Some of our most common areas of advice include:

  • Unfair and Constructive Dismissal
  • – Advising on disciplinary procedures to follow and what to expect if your employee appeals.
  • Fair Dismissals
  • – This would apply in the event of misconduct, poor performance, continuous unreported absence, redundancy, or organisation reform.
  • Discrimination
  • – This would include the employer or other employee discriminating against another coworker for race, age, disability, sex discrimination.
  • Equal Pay Claims and Comparators
  • - Ensuring employers are providing equal pay throughout their workforce and what to expect if Employees dispute pay.
  • TUPE
  • – Advising on the transfer of staff and the TUPE regulations.
  • Bonus Disputes
  • – Dealing with bonus disputes and advice on whether payments are due and when.
  • Breach of Contract
  • - We can advise on claims relating to pay and benefits.
  • Sick Leave
  • – Establishing whether employee is fit for work or if there are any other underlying issues.
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • – Workplace allegations against direct Management or other co workers.
  • Discipline and Grievances
  • – Responses to employee grievances and employee disciplinary advice.
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Full Comprehensive Employment Law Service

We can work closely with members of your Human Resources Department and assist in all aspects of employment law.

We have successfully resolved hundreds of workplace discplinaries and disputes, with both parties in full agreement.

Call us today for full more information of Employment Law and your rights as an Employer.

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