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If you are seeking to secure permanent or temporary UK residence, or secure residency on behalf of family members currently not resident in the UK, Broadway can help. Speak to our experienced Immigration Solicitors about family visits or permanent settlement in the UK.

Choose Broadway Solicitors. Broadway Solicitors are an ESOL (English Test) centre. Call us for further information and to arrange your FREE consultation.

Road Traffic Accident


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It’s not only drivers who can claim compensation – we can help passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians too.

Car accident claims are most commonly made for whiplash – a neck injury caused by caused by a sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards or sideways, but can be made for a variety of injuries, including broken bones, bruises, and psychological injuries.
Broadway Solicitors can claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Personal Injury


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Accidents at work, slip, trip and falls are the most common of of personal injury cases that Broadway Solicitors specialise in. Assisting you through this difficult time and offering a full comprehensive, customised legal service Broadway Solicitors can represent your compensation case.

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With a highly qualified team of solicitors and legal professionals you will feel assured your case will be dealt confidentially and respectfully.



With our competitive rates, we can arrange a price plan around your requirements. Our fees are based on No Win, No Fee!


Just tell us where and how the accident happened, perhaps it was an accident at work or a car accident; and tell us about your personal injuries so we can help you understand whether or not you have a claim for compensation.

A No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Solicitor will assess your claim on its merits with the information you provide, and determine how successful your injury claim is likely to be.


You can claim compensation for road traffic accident injuries if you were on foot, in a vehicle, riding a motorbike a bicycle or a horse at the time of the accident. Our expert Road Traffic Accident Solicitors can fast track your claim ensuring you get your compensation as quickly as possible.

Whether you suffered a simple bruising, whiplash or a more serious injury, Broadway Solicitors can offer immediate legal representation and rehabilitation support anywhere in the UK.

Our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors deal with all types of road accident injury claims for car, van, lorry and bus drivers, passengers, people injured on public transport, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, claims against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and road traffic accidents overseas.


Family & Divorce Solicitors at Broadway offer a free initial consultation about any family or divorce law issue. We work hard to make the process of couples going through divorce or separation as stress free as possible.

We offer both flexible pricing and fixed fee services for all our family and divorce law services, and can provide immediate legal representation anywhere in England & Wales.


If you are planning to visit, reside or extend your stay in the UK, our immigration advice specialists are here to help you and your family with our specialist immigration advisory service.

At the Broadway we specialise in a wide range of UK visa, nationality and asylum applications to the UK Border Agency, the Home Office department responsible for controlling immigration. Our expert immigration lawyers can provide advice, practical assistance and professional representation to guide you through the application and decision-making process from start to finish.


Broadway believes that defence in the Criminal Justice System should be readily accessible to everybody. We are proud of our commitment to Legal Aid work and the Criminal Defence Service. If you are arrested, charged or summonsed to appear in court you may be eligible for free legal advice and assistance. Even if you are not eligible we offer all clients a first consultation FREE of charge.

We are qualified and highly experienced SRA registered Solicitors and Advocates of defence. You can rest assured that



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